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Autodesk has released several new videos showing the new features of Revit MEP 2013. We have organized them below for you enjoyment.

Revit MEP New Features


Revit 2013 Enhanced Pipe Routing Preferences

MEP engineers can access Routing Preferences to design pipe systems to help meet industry standards. Real-world materials can then be applied to pipe and pipe fitting sizes to help drive calculations necessary to determine pipe size to support required flow.


Revit 2013 New Reapply Type

MEP engineers can design ducts to meet with ASHRAE standards by using built in tables that are accessible during design.


Revit 2013 Enhanced Duct & Pipe Calculations with Taps

Design duct and pipe systems with greater accuracy with tools for calculating flow and pressure loss. Flow and pressure is now calculated separately for each sub-segment of a duct or pipe run when using taps instead of tee fittings to streamline the process. Calculated results can be viewed using the system inspector on duct and pipe runs. You can see the pressure loss and flow data for each sub-segment between duct and pipe branches that use tap fittings.


Revit 2013 Enhanced Duct & Color Fill

Intelligent models allow MEP engineers to quickly visualize and more accurately design building systems. Now you can easily visualize the velocity pressure, pressure drop and flow by applying. color fills to duct and pipe segments where taps are used (instead of tees) for branches.


Revit 2013 New Pressure Loss Report

Design and document more efficient building systems and improve performance with more accurate reporting. New Pressure Loss Reports can be generated for a single duct or pipe system or multiple systems. MEP engineers can set up your report in a number of ways that includes whether or not to show the critical path used, etc. The report format can be saved for use later and obsolete reports can be deleted.


 Revit 2013 New MEP Centerlines

MEP engineers can now use MEP Centerlines on round duct, pipe and conduit segments and fittings to help improve accuracy and visual representation of construction documentation.


 Revit 2013 New Room Calculation Point

Improve space and zone calculations as a foundation for energy analysis by placing a family calculation point inside a space to help ensure that the family is included in the calculation data. Use results to help inform design decisions to better predict the performance of the systems.


Revit 2013 Enhanced ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database

MEP engineers can design duct systems with more accurate duct fittings to meet with ASHRAE standards by using built in tables that are accessible during design.