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What’s New in Autodesk Navisworks 2016

  • BIM 360 Integration
    The deeper integration between Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue brings greater collaboration tools and a ‘connected experience’ to the Navisworks users
  • 2D Sheet Printing
    2D Takeoffs are an important function in construction workflows. You can manage the appearance of takeoffs by changing the color, opacity and varying the line thickness of takeoffs in the Item Catalog.
  • Adjust Line Thickness
    Manage the appearance of 2D takeoffs by varying the line thickness of takeoffs in the Item Catalog.
  • Redlines
    Now when adding redlines the viewpoint is automatically saved.
  • Hyperlinks
    As you move the section plane or hid an object the hyperlink will be hidden from the view.
  • Third Party Product Integration
    We recognize that not everyone creates models in an Autodesk design application; so it’s also important to support third-party software to help our users collaborate and review the entire project.
  • BIM Coordination Model in Autodesk® AutoCAD®
    AutoCAD® 2016 has added support for attaching coordination models to a drawing. A coordination model is a model used for virtual coordination of various trades through the pre-construction and construction phases of a project.
  • Autodesk 2016 Product Integration
    To help ensure that the latest version of design models and data can be reviewed and analyzed, Navisworks 2016 has updated Autodesk file readers, exporters and integrations.
  • What’s New with Navisworks 2016
    What’s New with Navisworks 2016
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Tour of Clash Detective

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how to navigate and understand Clash Detective. Clash Detective enables you to identify clashes between objects in your model, so that you can resolve problems at the design stage. There are move videos after the break.  

Working with Grids and Levels

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how to work with Grids and Levels. A grid is a set of lines that helps you to navigate and identify locations in a model. Grid systems can be applied to models in Revit before importing them into Autodesk Navisworks.

Tour of TimeLiner

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you around TimeLiner. TimeLiner enables you to connect a Navisworks model to an external project schedule, then attach scheduled tasks to model items and create a simulation to virtually construct your project.

Switchback to Revit in Navisworks

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how you can work with Revit models in Navisworks. You’ll learn how to open Revit files in Navisworks, see how the Revit properties are imported with the model, and learn how to improve your workflows with the switchback functionality.

 Autodesk Navisworks — Inspecting Selected Items

This Autodesk Navisworks Learning video shows you how to inspect selected items. You can inspect a selection from the Selection Tree or Scene View. Alternatively, choose a Selection Set or a Search Set. You can then zoom the selection to display it within the model, or modify it by deselecting objects and adding property definitions.