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Revit 2013 eBook Update Now Available!

I just released the 2013 update to my 2012 eBook: Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families: A Practical Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Users

Join Revit users nationwide and all over the world who have discovered the valuable information in this eBook. There is nothing like this in the market right now. The eBook teaches the efficient ways to create families. It also explains the subtle little details that go with family creation that no other books explain. In response to Revit users from Australia, UK and European countries, I’m happy to announce the Metric Editions of these eBooks. They will be released on or before November 2012. They are free for those who purchase the 2012/2013 Imperial (US) editions.

Book description:

PDF format, 16 Chapters, 777 pages, over 2000 images. All the new 2013 features are explained in-depth. Download my PDF sampler (163 pages) containing the full Table of Contents (2012 & 2013), Forewords by Steve Stafford and Lonnie Cumpton, and sample images here.


Michael Anonuevo
Revit Architecture Certified Professional

New eBook Announcement


I’m happy to announce the release of my eBook entitled:

Creating Custom Revit Architecture Families 2012
A Practical Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Users

for an introductory price of $19.95. The price includes a free update to the 2013 version of this eBook (slated for release on or before October 2012) and four free Revit families from my website.

Although the book was written with architects in mind ,it is also a useful guide and resource for interior designers, recent architecture graduates, Revit MEP and Structure users, and AutoCAD users transitioning to Revit. It is also a handy reference for BIM managers and advanced users.

Book description:

PDF format, 16 Chapters, 751 pages, over 2000 images. Tutorial files are also included.
Requirement: Basic knowledge of Revit.


Download the full Table of Contents, Foreword by Steve Stafford, and sample images here.

Michael Anonuevo
Certified Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional

Planning and Budgeting for Training

How do you approach training yourself or your staff?

The way I see it, there are two primary options to categorize education:

-          Outsourcing Training (community college, consultant, authorized training center)

-          Internal Training (lunch and learn, just-in-time training, books, blogs)

Each has its benefits and detriments, and perhaps the best way to train you or your firm involves a combination of both. So how do you determine what is right for you and / or your firm? What it boils down to is an analysis of the positive and negative aspects of each style of training and then applying that analysis to your personal situation.

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Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit: Part-1

Family Modeling in Revit Architecture 2011



This is part of a series on creating complex family shapes in Revit. In my previous post (Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit: Introduction _June 7, 2010), the Beer Mug example was modeled in Revit Architecture 2010. However, from here on, I’ll be using Revit Architecture 2011 (RA 2011) to take advantage of its new features and enhancements.

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Club Revit in the Press

AEC Edge Magazine release the latest issue.

As usual it is packed with great information and we have a few Club Revit members featured.

Lonnie Cumpton “linking Revit files” page 24
David Light “What’s new in Revit Architecture” page 48
David Harrington “Revit Fundamentals – Part 3″ page 57

I hope I did not miss anyone

Take a look and give your fellow group members a high five for a great job as always.

Current AEC Edge Issue

Saving a Revit detail view to a library in Revit Architecture 2011

In order to save live Revit detail views to a file outside of the Revit model we will first need to download and install the Subscription Advantage pack from the Autodesk Subscription web site.

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Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit: Part 1 (coming soon!)

Hello everybody! I thought I’d drop by to announce a new product I’ve just added to my website.

This product is significant because it will be one of the topics on my next post which will be out hopefully by next month. Other topics will be as follows:

  1. Putting Revit Architecture 2011 to a modeling test
  2. Creating a tournament size pool table family  and its accessories
  3. Comparison of rendering speeds (Revit Architecture 2009, 2010 & 2011)
  4. Family file size in Revit Architecture 2011
  5. Rendering tips for beginners
  6. And last but not least, the specifications of my new…i7-930 processor based computer!

Please click on the image below to find out more about my new product.

Michael Anonuevo

UPDATE: Family Creation: Locking Center Points to Reference Lines

I received an email from a reader (thanks, Anthony) asking for clarification on a previous blog post about Automatic Sketch Dimensions here:

He was trying to recreate the situation I had described and was unable to get the automatic sketch dimensions to show up.

In order for automatic sketch dimensions to work, you need to have a labeled dimension in the family. The family I was working on already had multiple labeled dimensions and I neglected to mention this in my previous post. :(

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Family Creation: Locking Center Points to Reference Lines

Note: Everything discussed below is in reference to family creation, but could also apply to working in a project file. This post assumes some level of pre-existing Revit knowledge – post a comment UPDATE: we’ve disabled comments due to spam… send me an email at if you’d like to have anything in this post explained in greater detail.

I was reviewing a family recently where we had a solid cylinder, created from an extruded circle, sitting on top of another surface. The extrusion’s radius and height were locked and/or parameterized, but in a 3D view, you could select the extrusion’s radius grips and move the cylinder around – it was not locked into place. Additionally, we wanted to locate the center of the cylinder relative to the family’s origin by measuring its angle from vertical and distance from origin.

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Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit : Introduction

In 3D modeling, there is more than one way to accomplish certain tasks. Although the fastest procedure is the obvious way to go, the choice is up to the modeler. Depending on what is being modeled, you can choose solid or void forms (extrusions, revolves, blends or sweeps) or any combination of these forms to create the same shape. Your main goal is to choose the most efficient method to save time and avoid problems that may crop up later.

I’d like to begin my first post in Revit family creation by examining the free LDC (Little Details Count) Revit family download available from my website at: I’m referring to the Beer Mug family which is also available from

This post will consist of two parts. Part-1 is intended for experienced users who just want to quickly browse and find out how the model was created. Part-2 is a step-by-step procedure with detailed explanation on how the model was created.

Before I proceed, here is the format and order that I’ll follow to explain this family and other families in my future postings:

  1. Presentation of a Revit rendering of the object to examined
  2. Analysis of the object to be modeled
  3. Revit family tools and modifiers to be used
  4. Step by step procedure in creating the family
  5. Parameters
  6. Architectural building applications

Note: For beginners or for anybody new in Revit family creation, you may want to familiarize yourselves with the Revit family editor tools, in particular, the Form creation tools (Revit Architecture 2010). I’ll go over them briefly as I go through the modeling process but it is up to you to study how they work. Autodesk has a whole bunch of documentation including “Families Guide Imperial Training Files” that you can download at There are also numerous internet blogs, tutorials, articles and instructional books that deals with this subject. It will be a lot easier for you to learn modeling methods on this blog if you have a basic understanding of the Revit family editor tools. Read the rest of this entry »

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