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BIM Workshops Call for Speakers

BIMWorkshops Logo

The Event Know as Central States Revit Workshop or CSRW. Has a new name and a new reach. Starting off with three events this year BIM Workshops is a new event with the same local feel. Bringing National Speakers like Brian Mackey, Desiree Mackey, Paul Aubin, Steve Stafford, Steven Shell, Phil Read and Andy Jizba to a local events. Join us by submitting a session on the Call for Speakers page to share you knowledge and change the world.


BIMWorkshops Banner


Revizto: Effortless 3D Collaboration in Revit

A product review by Michael Anonuevo


By this time, most of you must have come across or heard about Revizto. It is a revolutionary 3D collaboration program developed by Vizerra, a software company based in Moscow, Russia. Using the technology used in video games, it turns Revit models into interactive, navigable 3D environment.

I’ve never heard of Revizto until I got their promotional email late last year. After a quick search, I found out that there has been a buzzword on Revizto for quite some time now from popular Revit websites. Later on, I chanced upon a blog posted by my esteemed colleague, Jeff Pinheiro ( fame), where he posted an article entitled “Ultimate Guide to Revizto”.  Not to be left behind, I downloaded the free trial, read the Help files, and then tried Revizto. The first word that came out of my mouth as I was navigating a sample project from my iPad Air was “awesome”!

This article expounds on Jeff Pinheiro’s Ultimate Guide and digs into a few details on how to use some of the software’s great features. Although Revizto was designed for Revit and Sketchup, the focus of this article is how Revit users can use Revizto to their advantage.

00 Opening Image

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2014 eBook Announcement

Hi everybody! You may be wondering when I will release the 2014 version of Creating Custom Revit Architecture Families. Unfortunately, I’ve had some personal setbacks which forced me to skip this version.

Early this year (2013), my youngest brother unexpectedly passed away. This was followed by the passing away of my oldest brother one month later. Coincidently, two of my close relatives also passed away. I needed some time to absorb these tragic incidents and that is why I stayed away from writing. The good news is I was offered a job as a Revit contractor in April, which I accepted. That helped tremendously in my grieving period as it made me extremely busy.

I am now fine and started writing blogs again. As soon as the Holiday season is over, I will definitely start writing the 2015 version of my eBook and will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.


Michael Anonuevo

Revit Job Opportunities

On behalf of Carol Stieffermann, a LinkedIn connection and executive director of Professional Search, I would like to post this Revit job opportunity announcement:

2-3 Openings for Revit Commercial Drafters

  • must have Revit drafting experience on large hospitality/commercial projects
  • Interior drafting is a plus
  • Salary: $17 to $30 an hour (senior level)
  • Start date: January 6, 2014

If you are interested, please contact Carol at:

p 702.876.0708 opt 2 | c 702.499.9580 | f 702.876.2829
8230 W Charleston Blvd | Las Vegas, NV 89117


Michael Anonuevo

BIM. After Dark.

A product review by Michael Anonuevo



As the New Year is fast approaching, I want to add this final 2013 product review for Revit users. You may have seen or receive a notification from regarding a new website called BIM. After Dark. (


Apparently, it is a separate website created by the owner of where users can purchase how-to videos pertaining to Revit presentation techniques. BIM. After Dark. (B.A.D.) is the brainchild of Mr. Jeff Pinheiro, the Revit guru who owns and runs Like most of you who had followed and subscribed to, I got an email notification with a preview of a B.A.D. video. On December 10 last week, B.A.D. went live. Having viewed and learned a lot of tips and tricks from, I visited the site during the launch date and ended up purchasing one of the 3 video packages on sale. This article is a review of that video purchase.

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A Portable Revit Workstation

A Product Review by Michael Anonuevo



In the Revit family modeling eBook I’m currently writing, the chapter on Computer Configuration includes a discussion on desktop and laptop workstations. While I have enough material pertaining to desktop workstation configurations, I barely have any relevant information on modern mobile workstations. I do have a laptop –an Intel Core 2 Duo-based laptop with a 16″ screen, which I use as a third computer backup. But by today’s laptop processor standards, it hardly qualifies as a mobile workstation (translation: obsolete!). Sure it runs Revit, but all functions are painfully slow.

With the gaining popularity of the new and more powerful Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel®Xeon® processors for the laptop, I needed information about them for inclusion in my eBook. I also wanted to write a review for the benefit of Revit users. Having previously dealt with BOXX computers in a review I had written on their XTREME 4920 workstation (, I reached out to their Director of Business Development, Shoaib Mohammad, who graciously sent me a laptop for review.

01start image

This article is about the GOBOXX G1840, a laptop classified by BOXX Technologies, Inc. as a mid-range mobile workstation. This model is part of their G1800 WS series. The laptop sent to me was a demo model used by Pixar in one of their trade shows. Knowing this, I expected this model to perform as a true mobile workstation, capable of running Revit and other graphics programs.

So does this model qualify as a desktop replacement? It’s a resounding YES, so please read on for more details.

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Using Bluebeam Revu to assist in upgrading a Revit Project

Using Bluebeam Revu to assist in upgrading a Revit Project
Using Bluebeam Revu to assist in upgrading a Revit Project

With a new release of Revit every year, it makes it increasingly difficult not upgrade an active Revit project.  What makes it even more difficult is the uncertainty when Revit upgrades your project.  Are all my objects there?  Is everything in the right place?  In this post and video we are going to go thought the steps to upgrade your Revit project from 2013 to 2014. Then we will use Bluebeam’s Revu to help us find any items that may have changed or gone missing after the upgrade process.

Here are the steps I use in the video:

Step 1  Backup

You should always create a backup of your or your companies work when ever you make a change that will impact the entire project, this would be one of those times.  Here are some ways that you can backup your project:

  • Copy to local workstation
  • Copy to USB drive
  • Rely on your I.T. department to have a backup.
  • Use a service like CrashPlan or Dropbox to copy your project files off site.
  • You only need to archive/backup the .RVT files and its links.

Step 2  Check your Project

You should always check each central file before the upgrade process. It is always a good idea to know what errors are in the file before you begin the upgrade process.

  1. Open each .RVT file and check for errors.
  2. Document what files are linked to where.
  3. Use Bluebeam to create a PDF of each sheet and view in your project.

Step 3  Copy the Project to a new folder

You may or may not want to have a new folder for you project, but I find that its a good idea to do so.  you don’t need to make an entirely new project folder just a new folder to store your central files.

  1. Create a new folder.
  2. Copy the RVT central files to that folder.
  3. Rename the central files if necessary to have the version number in the name.

Step 4:  Upgrade Project

  1. You will want to start with the files with the least amount of links.
  2. Here is the order for my example project:
  3. Use Bluebeam to Create a PDF of each sheet and view in your project.

Step 5   Check your work with Bluebeam

Now for the fun part; we will use Bluebeam Revu to compare both PDF files created in the earlier steps.

  1. Use Bluebeam Revu to compare the 2013 and the 2014 project files.
  2. When you select the 2013 PDF you will see all the changes in the Markup List.
  3. Double click the markup to see both the 2013 and 2014 versions.
  4. Using Bluebeam Revu you can quickly find all the differences.

If you want more information regarding Bluebeam please drop me a note at

BOXX Revit Workstation

A Product Review by Michael Anonuevo



In preparing to writing an instructional eBook on how to produce Autodesk Revit renderings and walkthroughs, one of the things I did a few months back was conduct a research on computer systems optimized for these types of Revit tasks. It is a subject matter that I know will occupy a chapter on its own in the eBook. I’ve looked at brand names such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus. However, I could not find any computer system specifically targeted for Revit modeling. By chance, I ran into a colleague who suggested that I look into BOXX computer workstations ( I had never heard of the company, although I found out later that they had been around for the last 15 years! As a  full time Revit modeler who is always busy creating complex families or writing about them, I never really got into the details of a good Revit computer workstation. And so with this new eBook project, I had a chance to look at a workstation made for Revit. After emailing my credentials and review proposal to a BOXX specialist, I was connected to the right channels and eventually was sent a unit for evaluation.

This article is about the 3DBOXX 4920 XTREME workstation. At the BOXX website, this model is referred to as The World’s Fastest Workstation for Autodesk Revit. On the internet, you’ll find great reviews about this workstation, including its technical details and specifications. To avoid being redundant, the main focus of this review is how effective this workstation is for Revit Architecture users. I will, however, highlight certain features worth taking a look at.

Is this really the fastest workstation for Revit? How can we users benefit from this system? What makes this workstation special from the rest of the pack? How does this computer compare to yours or other workstations? These questions (and many more) are tackled in this review. If you are in the process of upgrading your Revit workstations or want to add a dedicated power workstation for generating renderings and walkthroughs, this article will help you decide which system to purchase.
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Micro Review: Revit LT 2013, is it right for me?

Autodesk introduced Revit LT 2013 today, I bet you are wondering “Is Revit LT right for me?” Let’s try to answer that with another Micro Review.

Revit LT 2013

First is cost, A new seat of Autodesk Revit LT is$1,200.00 or $1,500.00 for the suite. You can take 50% off if you upgrade from AutoCAD LT to Autodesk Revit LT suite.  Autodesk Revit LT Suite includes Revit LT and AutoCAD LT, so if you have AutoCAD LT you may just want to go with the Suite.

The second thing to look at are the features. Here is a link to Autodesk’s feature comparison chartbetween Revit LT and the Full version of Revit Architecture.   After I reviewed the chart here are a few missing features that stood out:

  • No in-place families, although I disliked in-place families they are one of the necessary evils in Revit.
  • No worksharing, this is a HUGH feature in the full version of Revit that I used everyday. Not having worksharing could be a deal breaker for you company.
  • No Customizing the visibility of linked models. This could also pose a problem, changing the visibility settings of a linked model is a feature that we all know and love.
  • No photorealistic rendering within the product. For me this is not as big of a deal as the lack of worksharing is.
  • It also looks like massing is lacking some features as well.  I did not use massing so I won’t miss it.
If these are the missing features that jump out at me. I bet the product will be great, as it may just do the things we need it to do. For a single person project there is no reason not to give it a try.

Third thing to look at is the system requirements, in short the system requirements are the same for Revit LT as the are for the full version Revit.  If you need 8GB of RAM now for your Revit model, you will need 8GB of RAM with RevitLT.

Revit LT 2013 Conclusion:

. At first glance for the price and if you don’t use worksharing this may be the way to go.  If you already have a full seat or three of Revit, for close to the same money you can migrate to the network version of Revit and allow more people in your office to use the full version Revit by taking advantage of the floating license.

Autodesk will have the product trial is available on the 18th of September. I look forward to playing with Revit LT and learn more about it, as I am sure you are.

Bill Debevc

Follow me on Twitter @bim9bill, where I will announce updates to the post as well as new posts on Revit LT.

This was re-posted with permission from

Revit 2013 eBook Update Now Available!

I just released the 2013 update to my 2012 eBook: Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families: A Practical Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Users

Join Revit users nationwide and all over the world who have discovered the valuable information in this eBook. There is nothing like this in the market right now. The eBook teaches the efficient ways to create families. It also explains the subtle little details that go with family creation that no other books explain. In response to Revit users from Australia, UK and European countries, I’m happy to announce the Metric Editions of these eBooks. They will be released on or before November 2012. They are free for those who purchase the 2012/2013 Imperial (US) editions.

Book description:

PDF format, 16 Chapters, 777 pages, over 2000 images. All the new 2013 features are explained in-depth. Download my PDF sampler (163 pages) containing the full Table of Contents (2012 & 2013), Forewords by Steve Stafford and Lonnie Cumpton, and sample images here.


Michael Anonuevo
Revit Architecture Certified Professional

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