Week 4 Update – Club Revit 2012 Knowledge Challenge

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Week 4 Update – Club Revit 2012 Knowledge Challenge

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Congratulations John Fout and Duarte Couto for ousting  the top spots in Architecture and Structure for week 4. 

If you are one of those that asked us to extent the challenge for another couple weeks. We have heard you and the Challenge will continue until May 31, 2012. If you have not taken the time to enter in the challenge you now have 3 more weeks.

As of today May 14, 2012 we have had 169 of you take the Club Revit 2012 Knowledge Challenge. As an over all group you have created an average score of 67.8%. Leading the way is the Architectural group with 120 participants and an average score of 70.1%. In second place is the MEP group with 27 participants with an average score of 65%. The Structural group with 22 participants and an average score of 58.9%. This week in the Industry race the Architects are still on top, MEP in Second and Structure in Third. Both the MEP and Structure teams are still well behind in the number of participants.


I know we have lots of Revit MEP members of Club Revit and Don Bokmiller has dominated  MEP for 4 weeks now. So I have to put the call out to all the MEP folks, take the challenge and see if you can not get me to write another name next to MEP for next weeks updated results.



We had a couple higher scores that would have changed the leader board this week, but those individuals we disqualified because they took the challenge more than once. Remember you can only take each version “Discipline” of the challenge once. Multiple entries into one discipline challenge will disqualify you.


As of today the High Scores belong to:

Duarte Couto: Week 4 leader for the Architectural Group this is the first week that Duarte has held the top spot.

Don Bokmiller: Week 4 leader for the MEP Group this is the fourth week that Don has held the top spot.

John Fout: Week 4 leader for the Structure group this is the first week that John has held the top spot.


If you want a chance at $100 Amazon gift card and bragging rights all over the world use the link below and take the challenge. The more of us that take the challenge the more fun the effort will be. It is just 24 questions and you have 30 minutes to finish.


Have Fun and Good Luck


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