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Club Revit is teaming up with Global eTraining and Gilmore Global to help our members get recognized as Revit Certified Associate’s and Professional’s in five simple steps.


Step 1: Goto Global eTraining and get your Revit Certification Prep class at the Club Revit discounted price. (this is only available until April, 13 2012)

  • Goto:
  • Select the Revit Architecture Certification Course and click the Buy Now button.
  • Select the continue button to proceed tot he check out area.
  • Use the Coupon/voucher code: clubrevit to get your Club Revit discount
  • Finish the checkout process.

Step 2: Goto Gilmore Global and Sign up for your $25 certification’s on the designated certification Day. The 2011 certification days are scheduled for April 13th, June 15th, August 10th and  October 12th.


I have been notified by Gilmore Global that 1 week prior to the certification day they modify the site to have you buy the Certification exam directly from the ACC. If you use the link below it will prompt you to locate your local ACC and then contact them directly to buy the Certification Exam. If the local ACC is not aware of this process they can contact Gilmore Global at 800.795.6661 or 613.599.6065.Until the Certification Day follow the instructions on the main page at Gilmore Global. If you have any issues you can call the number above. The system will change back to the steps below after the week of the Certification Day passes.

  • Goto:
  • Follow the directions carefully and select the first Click Here that is about halfway down the page.
  • The Revit certifications are listed at the bottom of the list. they have several options for the Revit certifications be carful and select the one you want. Also notice that one of the options is to take both the Associate and professional for one price.
  • Type in your Quantity:  and then Select Add to Cart
  • When your Cart is correct select Continue
  • Complete the form, Then select Licensee Details.
  • On the Licensee Details page just provide the name and email of the person that will be taking the exam.
  • Finish the check out process

Step 3: Use your Global eTraining Class to prepare for your exam

  • Schedule some time to go over your Certification Prep Course.
  • The materials are about 4 hours long, we would recommend  giving yourself about 6 hours to be completely prepared.

Step 4: Take and Pass those exams

  • It is recommended that you find your local Certification Center and call them before the day of your Exam to make sure they are prepared for your arrival.
  • You can find your local Certification Center at
  • The Day of your exam give yourself plenty of time to take the exams.

Step 5: Use the Club Revit Group on LinkedIn to tell the world your now certified

  • Once you have passed you exams and we know you will goto the Club Revit LinkedIn Group and make a post in the discussions area that you are now certified.

Everyone at Club Revit gets excited when we help our members grow and develop their skills. We wanted this certification Initiative to be a cost efective way that our members can get recognized as professionals in the industry. Certification’s are never perfect but they do allow users to stand out from the crowed and say “Not only do I know this technology, but I Paid for and took a test to prove it”. We hope that all our members take advantage of this special plan and help move the Revit certification process forward.