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New Revit Videos from Autodesk

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Autodesk has released new videos showing features of Revit. We have organized them below for you enjoyment.

We have also created pages for each product and organized the videos on that page as well.  

Revit Feature Videos


Autodesk Revit: Creating a Winder Stair

Demonstrates how to use the L-Shape winder tool in Revit to create a winder stair and add parallel treads to the upper and lower run ends.

More Videos after the break

Autodesk Revit: Using View Templates

Demonstrates how view templates in Revit can be used to apply settings to views


Autodesk Revit: Getting Started in Revit 2013

Presents the main areas of the Revit user interface and demonstrates how to open views in an existing project.


Autodesk Revit: Creating a Switchback Stair

Demonstrates how to create a 3-run switchback stair in Revit by specifying the location of the runs.

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