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Autodesk is starting to release videos about Autodesk 360. We will be posting them to this area so you can keep up with them. You can also goto for more info. These are incredible new tools that are available to you as part of your subscription. They are well worth a look.


Autodesk® 360: Storage, Sharing and Viewing

Autodesk® Subscription now provides a greater advantage with Autodesk® 360 capabilities that can help you increase mobility, improve collaboration, and optimize your designs—advancing the way you work.

Autodesk® 360 Rendering

Autodesk® 360 rendering allows customers to produce compelling; photorealistic visualizations in the cloud—without tying up the desktop or investing in specialized rendering hardware.


Autodesk® Revit® Conceptual Energy Analysis®

The Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis service, powered by Autodesk 360, allows customers to perform energy analysis on conceptual models within Revit. Autodesk Subscribers can get started with Autodesk® Revit® Conceptual Energy Analysis at or learn more at


Autodesk® Green Building Studio®

Autodesk® Green Building Studio®, a web service powered by Autodesk® 360, can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis. Autodesk Subscribers can get started with Autodesk® Green Building Studio® at or learn more at http:/ .


Autodesk® Design Review mobile app

The Autodesk Design Review mobile app provides mobile access to files stored in Autodesk 360. Share, view and mark-up DWF files on a mobile device, reducing the need to carry paper drawings, and leaving customers free to work wherever there’re most effective. Autodesk Subscribers can learn more at

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Lonnie Cumpton is a Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) technology and Industry subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience in consulting, designing, and process development. With a diverse understanding of building design and construction methods, and strong expertise with BIM and related technologies on various project types, as well as direct experience implementing, training, and integrating into AEC organizations.
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