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BIM Modeler
Autodesk Revit Architecture Certified Professional
Autodesk Revit & Autocad Beta Tester

MA for CR

Michael got his first exposure to 3D modeling through a software called DesignWorkshop by Artifice, Inc. DesignWorkshop is an architectural solid modeling program initially created for the Macintosh platform. It worked well with PowerCADD, a powerful Macintosh 2D program which he was beta testing at that time. From 1993 to 2001, he worked for three various firms using PowerCADD, DesignWorkshop and Artlantis. In particular, he spent over four years working for Douglas Teiger Architects (Santa Monica, CA) where he used DesignWorkshop extensively for conceptual design, presentation and marketing purposes. With the software capabilities at that time, he managed to model complex shapes to show intricate details of buildings. Here are a few of his works then:

Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001, Michael spent five years working as a drafter and detailer for two prominent architectural firms. By then, he was using AutoCAD and Sketchup. He found a niche in the architectural profession by specializing in construction details which he has a passion for. The turning point of his career is when he was offered a production position at Friedmutter Group, an award winning casino and hospitality firm. The company had just switched to Revit from AutoCAD nine months prior to his hiring. Two weeks before he started with the company, he bought a Revit instructional book, downloaded the Revit 30-day free trial software and spent the next ten days and nights studying Revit. By the time he formally joined the company, Michael was immediately assigned to work on construction documents of multi-million dollar casino projects using Revit. Realizing that Building Information Modeling is the new direction in the architectural profession, he began to channel his 2D detailing capabilities and previous 3D skills to Revit. With Gensler and International Construction Management, he modeled huge and complex multi-story buildings. Here are a few images of some of these models:

Noticing the lack of emphasis on detailed families, he began to experiment with Revit’s family editor tools after work hours and on weekends. This has become his new passion and hobby. He would experiment and learn new techniques at home and apply them at his workplace. At Gensler, Michael was in charge of maintaining the company’s library of Revit families. His main responsibility was creating custom families for the company’s ongoing projects. This gave him an opportunity to further hone his Revit skills. In June of 2009, he started creating his own line of highly detailed custom families. This eventually led to the creation of his Revit family website which was launched on March 12, 2010. Here are a few images of the families he developed:

Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from FEU, Manila, Philippines. He is a blog contributor at www.clubrevit.com where he writes topics on creating complex shapes in Revit. He is also a contributing author at AUGI/Edge magazine. He is a member of the following organizations: United Architects of the Philippines, AUGI, UK Revit Register, Group for Building Information Modeling, Los Angeles Revit Users Group, Revit Users, Southern California Revit Users Group and Reviteer.

When not in front of the computer, he takes his mind off of Revit by playing his keyboard synthesizer and figuring out chords of R & B and jazz tunes from his collection of MP3s.

Update: January 2, 2012

He now plays the alto saxophone regularly after creating a Revit model of it. Check out the Alto Saxophone Revit family at: