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Bill has been working with Autodesk products starting in 1987 with AutoCAD 2.17. Before continuing his career at Friedmutter Group he worked for Las Vegas’ premier Autodesk reseller Holman’s of Nevada. Bill was Holman’s resident Autodesk software Guru, providing consulting, training and support services. Bill was hired at Friedmutter Group to lead the charge deploying Architectural Desktop, later he unlearned AutoCAD and fully emerged himself with all things Revit. He is tasked with the care of all things electronic, and keeping the computer network running at it’s best at Friedmutter Group. He is also an award winning photographer, and has had the honor of providing the architectural photography for Friedmutter Group and have provided a cover photo for AEC Edge magazine. You can follow Bill on Twitter as sshaPhotos and on Facebook or Linkedin as Bill Debevc.